Carbon Fiber Flame Retardant Panel

CF (carbon fiber) flame retardant panel is a new type of decorative material. It has been tested and passed the Euro class B1 fire standard.

The CF board comprises FRP, carbon fiber, wood fiber, and plant fiber. It goes through eight special processes, including passivation and polishing. The surface is embedded with melamine paper synthetic resin, without adding adhesive, and it is hot-pressed at high temperatures.

The carbon fiber panel can be covered with PET, PVC film, and furniture paper. We offer various print selections, including metal, fiber grain, rock pattern, and cloth patterns. It is very suitable for interior wall decoration. This printed-ready panel and rapid installation method significantly reduce construction lead times.


  • Green Material: Embrace sustainability with our environmentally friendly Carbon Fiber Board. Contribute to a greener future while enhancing the aesthetics of your space
  • Flame Retardant: Prioritize safety without compromising on style. Our wall boards are flame retardant, ensuring peace of mind and a secure environment for your loved ones.
  • Scratch Resistant: Enjoy long-lasting beauty with our scratch-resistant surface. Our Carbon Fiber Board is engineered to withstand the demands of daily life while maintaining its pristine appearance.
  • Water Repellent: Defy the elements with our water-repellent wall boards. Perfect for any room, including kitchens and bathrooms, our boards ensure durability and resilience against moisture.
  • Easy Installation: Transform your space effortlessly with our easy-to-install Carbon Fiber Board. Save time and effort with a hassle-free installation process that doesn't compromise on quality.
  • Low Cost: Redefine affordability without compromising on quality. Our Carbon Fiber Board provides a cost-effective solution for those seeking premium decorative wall options.
Skin sheetsMelamine wall paper - 58 colors available
Core Carbon fiber-reinforced Polymer
Max size1220 x 2800mm / 1220 x 2600mm
Panel Density8.5kg/m2
Fire RetardantChina / Euro class B1
WeightFire ResistantMoisture ProofDensityPrice
Carbon Fiber Panelwood fiberE0● ● ●B1● ● ● ● ● ● ●● ● 
Solid Woodsolid woodE0● ● ● ●No● ● ●● ● ● ●● ● ● ●
Mediume density fiberboardwood fiberE1/E2● ● ● No● ● ● ●● ●
Particle Boardwood chipsE1/E2● ● ● ●No● ● 
Wood-plastic Compositewood fiber /
E1/E2● ● ● ●No● ● ● ●● ● ●● ● ● 
Plywoodwood veneerE1/E2● ● No● ● ●● ● ●● ● ● 

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