A2 Fireproof Panel

A2 fireproof composite panel use non-combustible inorganic materials as the core layer and aluminum metal skins on both sides as decorative surfaces. It pass the Euro class A2 fireproof standard test. The decorative materials formed and compounded by special processes have a fireproof effect that can reach 1200 degrees Celsius and cannot be burned through in two hours. This product can fully meet the fire safety performance and environmental protection requirements of the fire protection specifications in various countries.

Our A2 fireproof panel, perfect for both external cladding and interior walls. With effortless installation, it provides peace of mind alongside exceptional fire resistance. Choose from over 50 stunning printing selections for decoration, including vibrant color printing, realistic wood grain patterns, and captivating rock prints. Elevate your space with style and safety combined. Discover the perfect blend of aesthetics and durability with our A2 fireproof panel today!


  • Excellent Fireproof Performance, fire resist for 2 hours under 1200 Celsius degree
  • Ultimate flatness without deformation
  • Various decorative surface choices
  • Easy to install, short construction cycle
Skin sheetsAluminum sheet with PVDE/PE coated - 225 colors available
Corenon-combustible inorganic materials
Max size1220 x 2440mm / 1220 x 6600mm
Fireproof standardEuro class A2

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