In the world of modern construction and manufacturing, materials that offer both strength and lightweight characteristics are highly prized. One such innovation that has captured the attention of architects, engineers, and designers is the aluminum honeycomb panel. This remarkable composite material boasts a unique structure and a wide range of applications that have reshaped industries from aerospace to architecture.

Panel Core

At its core, the aluminum honeycomb panel is a sandwich-like structure. Its central component consists of a honeycomb lattice made from aluminum, forming a series of hexagonal cells. This intricate arrangement delivers exceptional mechanical properties, enabling the panel to maintain its strength while being significantly lighter than solid aluminum sheets. These honeycomb cores are then bonded between two outer layers of aluminum sheets using advanced adhesion techniques.

Panel Structure

The key attribute that sets aluminum honeycomb panels apart is their impressive strength-to-weight ratio. This means that despite their lightweight nature, they can bear substantial loads and resist bending or buckling. This quality has made them invaluable in applications where weight reduction is critical without compromising structural integrity.

6mm, 7mmCeiling
9mmWall decoration
18mmCabinet, furniture

Key Features

Impressive Strength-to-Weight Ratio:
The standout feature of aluminum honeycomb panels lies in their exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. Despite their lightweight nature, these panels exhibit impressive load-bearing capabilities. This makes them invaluable for applications where weight reduction is crucial without compromising structural integrity.

Rigidity and Structural Integrity:
The honeycomb structure imparts rigidity to the panels, allowing them to resist bending, buckling, and deformation under pressure. This trait makes them ideal for environments where stability is a priority.

Lightweight Advantage:
Compared to solid aluminum sheets, aluminum honeycomb panels are significantly lighter. This weight reduction leads to easier handling, transportation, and installation. It also contributes to enhanced fuel efficiency in applications like aerospace and transportation.

Enhanced Insulation:
The honeycomb core structure creates a natural air gap, providing a degree of insulation. This thermal insulation property can be advantageous in applications where temperature control is essential.

Vibration Dampening:
The honeycomb design has inherent vibration-dampening properties, making these panels suitable for settings where vibrations or resonance need to be minimized, such as industrial machinery enclosures.

Design Flexibility:
Aluminum honeycomb panels offer design flexibility, allowing for custom shapes, sizes, and finishes. This adaptability makes them a favored choice for architects and designers looking to create innovative and distinctive structures.

Corrosion Resistance:
Aluminum's natural resistance to corrosion, combined with protective coatings, ensures that these panels maintain their appearance and performance over time, even in challenging environments.

Experiment Video

Mill Panels

This honeycomb panel is sandwich structured composites comprising of aluminum honeycomb core and two skin sheets in mill finish, bonded together by aviation grade adhesive film that can resistant temperature up to 200 °C. The panel can be processed to custom size and special shape, as well as be welded and sanded to meet the industry design. It is finally powder coated to individual color regardless of quantity demand.

  • Wide ranges of color choices, elegant decorative effect
  • High ratio mechanical performance / weight.
  • Recyclable, friendly to the environment.
  • High resistance to moisture and corrosion.
  • Excellent flatness and stability
FinishPost -powder coated
Skin sheetsAluminum
Core Aluminum honeycomb
Adhesive Epoxy resin / Polymer film
edgeSolid aluminum edge
Max size 1500x4000mm
Min/Max thickness5mm/ 100mm

Print Panel

This honeycomb panel is sandwich structured composites comprising of aluminum honeycomb core and two skin sheets in mill finish, bonded together by aviation grade adhesive lm that can resistant temperature up to 200 °C.The panel can be processed to custom size and special shape, as well as be welded and sanded to meet the industy design.

FinishPost -powder coated
Skin sheetsPET
Core Aluminum honeycomb
Adhesive Epoxy resin / Polymer film
edgePVC edge banding
Max size 1500x4000mm
Min/Max thickness5mm/ 100mm

CPL / HPL Panels

Laminates(CPL or HPL) are manufactured with state-of-the-art laminate technology, consist of cellulose fiber sheets impregnated with thermo setting resins.It is manufactured in two forms as HPL and CPL.The difference between CPL and HPL lies in the material thickness and in the manufacturing process. CPL stands for Continuous Pressed Laminates and HPL for High Pressure Laminates.

  • Excellent environmental performance, no formaldehyde
  • 100% Postformable material
  • Good bending performance,can be arc/shaped wrapping
  • Superior with rich and warm color,more color choice
  • High impact and chemical resistant properties
  • Excellent mechanical properties,Scratch, wear and tear resistant
  • Anti-mildew and anti-bacterial,moisture resistant
Laminate edge banding
We offer a range of edge banding options for curves, contours and straight edges, giving a finished touch to any number of unique laminate shapes,and fill the edge-tape needs. PVC Edgebanding is a continuous extruded roll, available in various thicknesses, and is used to finish the raw edge of honeycomb panels.

CPL surface sheet0.15
Aluminum Backing Sheet (mm)AA3003-0.8
Aluminum honeycomb core (mm)3003H18- 16mm
Size1200x2440mm, 1200x3000mm
Corealuminum honeycomb
Cell size/foil thickness1/5"/0.05mm
Compressive strength,Mpa2.01
Flatwise tensile strength ,Mpa1.58
Shear strength "L",Mpa1.46
r strength "W",Mpa0.81

FRP Honeycomb Panel

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) honeycomb panel is made of fiberglass skins impregnated with epoxy resin and aluminum honeycomb core between. FRP-Alu honeycomb sandwich panels offer high mechanical, performance, good impact strength, flame retardant and low maintenance cost.They have excellent application performance in logistics transportation, shelter, RV shelf and other fields.
Face Sheet0.5-1 mm fiberglass impregnated with epoxy resin
Honeycomb Corealuminum honeycomb AA3003H18, AA5052H18
Adhesive Epoxy resin / Polymer film
1200x2500mm, 1500x4000mm
Thickness6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm
fiberglass typeunsaturation resin base
modulus of elasticity [N/m㎡]70'000
tensile strength of cover sheets [N/m㎡]Rm≥220
0.2% proof stress [N/m㎡]Rp02≥130
linear thermal expansion1.2 mm/m at 100℃ temperature difference
temperature resistance -40℃ to +90℃

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